The application of case teaching method in teaching rare metal metallurgy

  Rare metal metallurgy is the backbone course of non-ferrous metal metallurgy in rare metal metallurgy, and it is one of the required courses for metallurgical engineering majoring in rare metal metallurgy in Central South University, as well as one of the academic courses for other disciplinary directions (light metallurgy direction, heavy metallurgy direction and metallurgical […]

The Application of Responsible Cost Control in Concrete Companies

Introduction   (I) Background of the study   Due to the temptation of high profit and high rate of return in the early stage, state-owned, private and individual concrete production enterprises have thrown themselves into this market, leading to the fierce competition in the industry which is difficult to alleviate in a short period of time. The […]

Analysis of the causes of concrete cracks in hydraulic construction and prevention and control measures

In modern water conservancy construction, concrete as an important construction material, cracks in concrete are a common problem in water conservancy projects. In order to improve the quality of the project, we must fundamentally analyze the causes of concrete cracks, specific analysis of specific problems, so as to find out the root cause of the […]

Design analysis of reducer based on concrete mixer truck

The reducer is the core component of the concrete mixing and transporting truck, which mainly transmits the hydraulic output torque, using the reducer to the mixing cylinder through deceleration, in order to promote a stable and reliable working principle, so as to complete the mixing work of concrete. The reducer is different from the traditional […]

Custom Membrane Switches

Membrane Panel The revealed and evaluated precisely reused PVC weight in 2016 was 568,695 tons which in 2018 had expanded to 739,525 tons. The plan of present day incinerators limits PCDD/F development by enhancing the unfaltering quality of the warm course of. To conform to the EU discharge breaking point of zero.1 ng I-TEQ/m3 stylish […]

Top Chassis Steering Suspension Parts Manufacturer In China

1.Car suspension ball joint application The assembling office was sent off in Relizane, delivering Volkswagen Golf VII, Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Caddy, SEAT Ibiza and Škoda Octavia vehicles. In September 2019, Volkswagen moreover acquainted a program with license old Beetle styles to be changed to run on electrical energy. The electrical engine and battery updates may […]

Prime Filter Press Manufacturer With Rich Experience

Beckart Environmental is a channel press maker that produces unmatched items and genuinely comprehends wastewater consistence challenges. That is the reason we’ve planned the Hy-Pack® Series of channel presses to exceptionally address the issues of any office that produces wastewater with a high solids content. These presses completely extract fluid from many kinds of slurry, […]

Asme B16 11 Forged Fittings Socket Welding and Threaded

Evaluations for Threaded Fittings are Class 2000, 3000, 6000. Decision of not entirely set in stone by thickness timetable of line, as given in ASME B16.11. Siphon Piping Layout Design and Stress Analysis is an original channeling designing on-line course intended for all funneling specialists and fashioners. This course will likewise be helpful for all […]

Duke Mini Electrical Chain Hoist

You ought to consistently stop the lift briefly once the heap is only away from the base, to check it’s protected and safe sooner than driving forward with, this system will limit the risk of harm. Exhaustive investigations can also be obliged to conform to the LOLER rules. For example, sooner than work, you need […]